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Entertainment role in our daily life

Now a days people deals with entertainment as a break in dull and monotones life, a mean to refresh their soul from this machinery life after all those tiring  hours of working. In today’s society everyone seems to be trying to find the best form of entertainment regardless of age. in other words amusement has it own customer in all different age gaps .
But first of all what is entertainment itself? The answer will be the act of entertaining, Some thing that amuses, pleases, or diverts, especially a performance or show. The act of receiving as host, or of amusing , admitting, or cherishing, hospitable reception; also, reception or treatment, in general. The entertainment of Christ by faith .  The sincere entertainment and practice of the precepts of the gospel.  Sprat that which entertains, or with which one is entertained; as:  hospitality; hospitable provision for the wants of a guest; especially, provision for the table; a hospitable repast; a feast; a formal or elegant meal.  that which engages the attention agreeably, amuses or diverts, whether in private, as by conversation, etc., or in public, by performances of some kind; amusement. theatrical entertainments conducted with greater elegance and refinement. Most people seem to find the entertainment fix with television. So many people seem to watch TV for the simple fact that it offers such a wide variety of choices.   The different kinds of series can be broken down into four major groups: situation comedies, serial shows, reality television, and sports. A major category of TV shows is the situation comedy. In situation comedies the characters remain in the same situation from episode to episode. The situation usually focuses on family, workplace, or a group of friends. it pulled in its viewers because they could relate to the storyline of the shows. there is also documents which have it's own place among people who are interested in the world secrets. another category of it is short movie, which is spreading in all around the world and keeps  getting more popular. the best thing about short movie and the main reason for it's popularity is the philosophy content of it. in other words although it's short but it carries a meaning full storyline, and teach the audience so many life lessons even more than a long one.
he second most popular entertainment is Music which is an art form. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music  vary according to culture and social context. Music ranges from strictly organized compositions (and their recreation in performance), through improvisational music to aleatoric forms. Music can be divided into genres and subgenres, although the dividing lines and relationships between music genres are often subtle, sometimes open to individual interpretation, and occasionally controversial. Within "the arts," music may be classified as a performing art, a fine art, and auditory art. There is also a strong connection between music and mathematic. To many people in many cultures music is an important part of their way of life. a mean to sooth their mood , a boost of energy or something that you can always find the suitable form of it to your mood. Playing music also relaxes the mind and slows down the tension. Interested people find pleasure in playing his favorite instrument. A piano or a guitar strings can give immense pleasure to a stressed mind. Music is a great way to relive the day to day stress and is also used for therapeutic purposes. Almost every person is interested in any kind of music. Even researches have proved that music's ubiquity and portability has made it the number one stress buster. IT is a matter of fact that everyone on this earth has an inclination towards listening good quality music. The passion for music differs as per genre whereby youngsters mostly love fast and groovy numbers. People of the older times love classical music whereas kids like rhymes and children music. Not only this, many are attracted to listen natural sounds such as chirping of birds, water falling from the mountains and religious chants. Other than music, reading is one of the good sources of entertainment. People who love reading can go for good source of stuff to read. It can help relieve stress and definitely reenergize the mind. Reading is a very good habit. It not only helps to gain knowledge but creates good vocabulary and helps to have a better look of the outside world the forth one is gaming. An online game is a game played over some form of computer network. This almost always means the Internet or equivalent technology, but games have always used whatever technology was current: modems before the Internet, and hard wired terminals before modems. The expansion of online gaming has reflected the overall expansion of computer networks from small local networks to the Internet and the growth of Internet access itself. Online games can range from simple text based games to games incorporating complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by many players simultaneously. Many online games have associated online communities, making online games a form of social activity beyond single player games. gaming is mostly popular among the young generation. in other words teenagers have become a game aphonic and they spend so many time and money only on a game. Them other one is internet which is a world wide computer network through which you can send a letter, chat to people electronically or search for information on almost any subject you care to think of. Quite simply it is a & quintet work of computer networks & quot. It originated in the 1960's in the USA where the US defense was conscious of having its computer network destroyed by blowing up the central computer. many people spend hours on the internet without even realizing how fast time is passing. they chat with their friends through internet they socialize and search for movies and pictures, songs and so on. today life is full of stress and anxiety and especially in metropolitan cities situation is the worst.  Everyone is busy with his life, no time for family and himself even. Every person is running behind his hectic schedule. Life become so fast but still no time to relax for 5 minute and release the stress. No need to explain, you can easily analyze when you are in hurry to reach the office thinking of some of your personal tensions and then the whole day hectic schedule. Entertainment can add salt in this discomfort and distasteful life. It is the way of entertainment which keeps the life going. Else life becomes very dull and boring. Entertainment gives the life its charm and energy. If entertainment is removed from life then there will be a blank left behind. To fill this blank we need moments of entertainment in life. And some of these special moments become memories of future.
"Fun can be the dessert of our lives but never its main course."  - Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

Anis Nooshadi 
Abdulrahman Alaedeen
Mahsa Yavari
            Kasra Haghdoost

concept :
"Fun can be the dessert of our lives but never its main course."  - Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

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